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Enjoy the lonelyness

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Longing back

A couple of months ago Tine and I met with Willem van Ravenstein, author of the book “All Australians Now”. Van Ravenstein migrated from The Netherlands to Western Australia in 1950. In his book he describes the difficulties he experienced when, under the scorching hot Western Australian sun, he changed from a child to a teenager, while at the same time he had to change from one cultu…
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The dreamt worlds of Nana Derksema

I built a website for my sister, Nana Derksema. She is a gifted artist and makes monotypes, paintings and drawings. I am sure she would love it when you pay a visit to her new online gallery. The site is in Dutch, but just click on some menu items and you will find your way. To make it even easier her is a small Dutch-English dictionary: / Home = home / Nana Derksema = Nana Derksema / Tekeningen …
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About Madvlad

This is a message for everyone who is wondering where Madvlad The Great disappeared to. I wondered too. Therefore I sent an e-mail to his nephew and I got a reassuring answer (I quote:) / _"…Thanks for asking about my wonderful cousin Walt. He is fine, but has moved out of his apartment and now lives in half of a house which is owned by his friend Doug, the potter. I believe Doug liv…
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