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Guesthouse and Sleeper Bus Review

The recent sale of this tee contributed to payment of a guesthouse in Vang Vieng, Laos. The resulting review may be read here. / Also, a sale of this tee paid for a small portion of an expensive sleeper bus from Hanoi to Hoi An (a really long way). I have reviewed the journey here. / Once again all reviews (they’re more like photo reviews) and blog entries can be found here:
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Bungalow Review

My second sale for the trip was of this tee / Check out the subsequent photo review here
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Recent Sale = Guesthouse Review

True to my word, I’ve whipped up a quick photo review of the guesthouse we were staying at when I made my most recent sale of this tee. / Check it out here
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Calling all travel enthusiasts

Alright everybody! In two days’ time Paul and I are JetStarring off to sunny Vietnam (and Cambodia and Laos) for our travel extravaganza. We’ve dusted off the old blog and given it a lovely, post revolution facelift. / So check it out here: / Be sure to subscribe or bookmark us so you can get regular updates on important things like the weather, the price of spring rolls, accommodatio…
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