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Until the Olympics recognise the event of human draught excluder I think I’ll have to find some other means to make my way through the universe.

While I’m waiting I found I really love playing about with pens and paper and seeing what I end up with. If it’s any good I’ll let you see it too.

I’d like to have my own Millenium Falcon parked in the hanger bay of my Enterprise A orbiting around my own private moon Flushtropilos as I fly blind on my rocket cycle.

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Come let me show you my wares

Yes, yes, I’m doing it. It’s happening. It was supposed to happen before but then it didn’t but now it can and it’ll probably maybe happen this time but even if it doesn’t at least I tried. Yes I am going to try and sell stuff. Not just any stuff though. Funky, elegant stuff. Well funky stuff. Though I may have oversold the funk. However don’t let that stop you…
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