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RB MEMBERS - Please do this to promote works and members you like & know.

How about all of us spend five to ten minutes today selecting two to three members and their works. We want to reach out to show off RB Members works! Come help. :)))

Then come post them in the comment section of this journal so they can be FEATURED in the INDIVIDUAL TALENT ON DISPLAY group. They do not need to be a member of the group.

Help show off someone’s works. You (yes you) will be displayed also!* :))))

Thank you all for helping others……



  • Francis Drake
    Francis Drake5 months ago

    Hi, Ann. I would certainly be very willing to do this and thank you for presenting two of my works on this page. I am not quite clear how I go about this. Do I post the name of the artist and the name of a couple of their images in the comments box? Do you then find the images and transfer them to the group?
    Kind regards

  • Hi Francis,

    Thank you for wanting to promote others Francis.

    All you need to do is just that. Present the persons (one, two or three members) names and two or three images you want shown. You can copy paste the image to this page or just give me the URL.
    Thanks. :)

    – Ann Warrenton

  • Roger Passman
    Roger Passman5 months ago

    Great idea Ann…

    I would like to feature three artists.

    Imi Koetz because her photographs, whether of natural settings or of man made objects are stunning. Her perspective is unique and her images always raise unanswerable questions. I am including but one sample of her work below…

    Angelika Vogel whose vision and technique simply astound me. Angelika’s images are well thought out, carefully composed and profoundly gorgeous. The example below is a powerful example of her work…

    KJ Gordon – White Dove Studio. KJ’s paintings of Hawaiian beaches and surf boards always leave me smiling for the rest of the day. His images evoke a sense of, as he reminds us all, of aloha, that sense of peace and tranquility of acceptance and embracing of life that is aloha. I look forward to seeing his view of the world portrayed in his paintings…

    I am going to stop here but there are at least a dozen more artists that I could feature here; making choices has my head spinning.

    All the best,


  • Thank you so much Roger.
    I have just created the display of members you graciously submitted. As I previously stated, the individual who submits someone will also be submitted. I know you did not care if your posted, but you are in thanks for your kindness. :))))
    Thank you again, Ann

    – Ann Warrenton

  • Roger Passman
    Roger Passman5 months ago

    Oops…here is an example of KJ Gordon’s work that didn’t get into my last comment…

  • Ann Warrenton
    Ann Warrenton4 months ago

    August 19,2014 Congratulations!

  • Kasia-D
    Kasia-D4 months ago

    ooh, so many great talents out there. But I’ll start with Larry, because he captures images across so many different genres. Here’s one of my favourites.

    Fiddling in Floyd
    by cullodenmist

  • Thank you Kasia-D they will be posted now. :)

    – Ann Warrenton

  • Kasia-D
    Kasia-D4 months ago

    Beatrice has amazing paintings, again with different motifs and styles. Such a versatile and talented lady.

    Afternoon tea
    by Beatrice Cloake

  • Thanks again Kasia-D

    – Ann Warrenton

  • Francis Drake
    Francis Drakeabout 1 month ago

    Hi, Ann,
    I would like to commend the work of Kim to you. The technical skill, artistic composition and presentation really grabs me. The portfolio shows considerable talent and versitality with the chosen style.