Glad To Be Home....with RB

I’m so excited to be home…. 6 days away from RB was just too much to handle. There wasn’t one of those days that I didn’t think about RB. I even found myself dreaming about the site. It is SOOOOO ADDICTIVE……….
Now I’m home and have so much to catch up on – pages of new works from people – which means lots of typing, heaps of really nice comments to read and new photos to upload. I can’t wait.
While I was away my new IR lens arrived so when I get a chance and the weather clears I’ll be off to try that out too.

Thanks to everyone who left comments whilst I was away – I’ll be sure to return them as soon as I can.

Thanks to all the people who added me to their watchlists as well. I’m so excited that people are liking my work and want to see more…

Glad to be home….

P.S. Bob The Builder was good too. Not so sure about his support act, Barney the big purple dinosaur , but Bob was cool.

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