WOW....... 716 Views..That's huge for me!!!!

I just had to shout this one out before I go on my trip. – I can’t seem to make the break from “the bubble” . Every chance I get I’m on the site before I have to leave….my husband is getting rather annoyed as it is making packing very difficult. BUT….

I was looking at my ‘Art’ and noticed that I have had 716 views of my image for the photoshopcreative07 challenge.

Now, I know some of you would be saying “716, that’s not many…” but considering that my next highest is 127, 120 and then they’re mostly in the the 60’s…I’m really excitied.
I’m so happy that so many people have stopped by to check out my entry in the comp….and everyone has been so nice and left such wonderful comments.

So… THANK YOU to everyone who has had a peep at my work.

Ok. The time has come. After I post this I’ll have one more look at my activity and then I’m outa here…………at least until I can find another computer somewhere to check-in………..maybe one of those internet cafe’s…………..
See ya

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