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The Shy One (part 11 of 11)

Who Made The Steps and Why?
Before there was time, there was space and energy. As energy filled the space, it created gradients, bands of differing density. These bands appear very discrete and separate. The steps were modeled after this effect in the local reality. All the levels can be reached by using the steps. However, it takes several human lifetimes to accomplish this feat. That is why the humans were designed and built to host explorers and travelers like you and me. Ensuring a suitable host for each lifetime, enabled some to achieve levels 12 and up. The steps were made of dark matter. That was the only material available. Unlike the matter of the flicker light world, dark matter comes in limited flavors, mostly only good for basements, walls, and floors. Supporting a typical 3 bedroom earth roof made of dark matter each moment, would consume all the energy put out by the earth’s sun in about a million years. Not a practical material for roofs or ceilings but so wonder fully suited for floors and walls and coincidently steps.

Level 2 and level 1 creatures were involved in the building of the stairs as well as the great dams and their contribution to the elevator is obvious in its straight forward functional but crude design. How much does it take mentally or otherwise to build steps, especially when the energy bands clearly manifest a design and structure to imitate. The stairs were built before the levels formed. The great dams required materials not found any where. I suppose it is another sort of accident. The steps were built while looking for dam material. It is astounding that creatures so simple could construct something so incredible and enduring. It can be very humbling to realize their skills and talents working with such primitive and unsophisticated tools could create the dams and the steps. They tend to hang out above level 12. It is quiet and peaceful there. No thought of harm or worry. No place of warm or cold. Just the great IS sighing the eons away. Spectacular fountains of sheer energetic delight fill the levels with dreams sprout flowers in gardens beyond belief. Filled with colors and shapes the defy common experience but follow the quaint physics of the quantum world. Almost a place to reminisce and recall, to remember and surrender. Personally anything above level 12 is addicting and possibly not real. However I do visit there occasionally. As far as I know there are less than 30 levels. Perhaps 26, depends on who is counting.

Who Made The Levels
This isn’t really a question about who, rather it is about what happened once the dams were completed. Nothing seems to persist for long in chaos. Before the dams were built, everything was just a sort of mush, mostly uniform, indescribable stuff, that occasionally and somewhat randomly seemed to manifest patterns and structures. In the chaos everything is just potential. The dams changed all that. Somethings would no longer be possible nor potential. As the flow began to ebb, structures and forms took shape. Perhaps memories of the patterns. The nearly created desert, nearly completely devoid of chaos, soon bristled with opportunity. Not just advantage but also patterns, the seat of awareness, animated the new forms. It was a quickening, a solidifying, a gelling, a sediment left behind in the evaporating chaos. A scum, inhabited by denizens quite unlike anything, made almost entirely of meat. This became the main level. Level 4 also known as the universe, reality, the local scene, some where, now here, and numerous other names. Not all the levels had names, some still were only known by their symbol.

Just One Drop Please
The beginning is so difficult to talk about. All the creation stories ever written, filled with wonder and awe, bring moments of exposure of the truly raw, all the while the incredible horror is left hidden behind the drapes and closed doors. For me there are but four stories, three told to me by the creatures and my own called The Creation of Time.

The Creation of Time
In the emptiness of nothing a creature did form. The creature grew aware and saw something far off in front of its perception. It sought to know the something and chased after it. The faster it chased the farther the something seemed. Frustrated, the creature sat and contemplated. With much intent, a platform was placed far in front of the creature. On the platform were placed sensors and other materials designed to assist in determining what the something is. Despite the sophistication and deliberateness, failure was assured. The creature could determine from the sensors what the something was. As if broken, one sensor keeps repeating, the something is the back of a creature’s head.

Level 0 Chaos
Level 1 Space
Level 2 Energy
Level 3 Advantage, The flickering begins here as does time molecules and atoms
Level 4 Patterns, structure, forms, life?, replication
Level 5 Awareness, senses, life, reproduction
Level 6 Self awareness, thinking about thinking
Level 7 Unconditional love
Level 8 Enlightenment, Buddha, Christ, Shiva
Level 9 Transcendence, God Consciousness
Level 10 Simulation
Level 11

Level 17 Eden

There are many other levels. As humans we are limited to the lower 17 but that matters little, most of us never get beyond level 5 anyway.

The Shy One (part 11 of 11)


Danville, United States

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Artist's Description

As we progress in our awareness and understanding, we begin to see the reality as a creature. A creature that expresses us as elements in time. Our perceptions and observations provide feedback and information that alter the reality in profound ways.

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