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got my 'fears and tears' blurb book!

Some of you might remember I turned my 2012 sketchbook into a blurb book not long ago, because I couldn’t bear to have to part with it and I wanted to keep a copy myself :P
Making blurb books always incorporates quite a bit of trial and error. Last year I turned the second half of my 2011 sketchbook into this book . I got that book printed on nice glossy thick paper, with a hardcover and dust jacket. I have to say that the colours weren’t very true to the original. Apart from the fact that watercolours are extremely difficult to scan accurately, I think the glossy paper accounts for that somewhat, and I’m even more inclined to think so since recieving this new book
The Amanda & Winifred blurb book was the product they call a ‘standard portrait’ book and it’s specially designed for images. It has fancy paper.
Partly because it’s cheaper and also because I prefer the size and shape, this time I chose the ‘pocket book’ product to reproduce my sketchbook. It’s more designed just for plain text, but recently they’ve made the option to print in colour available. The paper is just standard cartridge paper, not glossy, but I thought I’d give it a try.
It’s exactly the same size as the actual sketchbook, and the colours are incredibly accurate. I am very impressed. Here are some pictures…guess which one is the original and which is the print ;)

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