Web/Graphic designer who enjoys long walks along the beach, romantic dinners, chocolate and hearing the agonising screams of his victims as he removes their internal organs with a plastic spoon, Flaming Derps is an enigma burrito wrapped in a mystery tortilla. What the admittedly ridiculous name means, whether it is a reference to his ginger pubic hair or because he is a habitual liar who’s pants are on fire is unclear.


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FREE STUFF - Illustrator tyre track brushes

Who doesn’t like freebies? I like like freebies so here’s an Illustrator brush set I made, you can download it and use them for what ever you want. / Download here
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Kludge Brothers Carnival project

I’ve decided to start a little project for myself, a series of posters for the freaks and other sideshow performers of the fictitious Kludge Brothers Carnival. / I’m hoping to do about a dozen by the end of October. I have more than enough freak ideas but any suggestions are of course welcome in the comments. I’ve already done a few rough sketches and may even post some here a…
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