I’m 51 years old. I live in denmark :-)
I’ve been using Bryce on and off for about 4 years now, plus some other 3D applications like Cinema 4D and Vue
I’m autodidact, but i wouldn’t have come this far, without the help of the internet #D community :-) – there are some really nice and kind people out there :-)


Arne (fjord)
<a href="/people/fjord/art/4150390-1-dreamcatcher-wide-2" title="Dreamcatcher - Wide - 2 by Fjord"><img alt="Dreamcatcher - Wide - 2 by Fjord" height="135" src="" width="135" /></a>
<a href="/people/fjord/art/4150390-1-dreamcatcher-wide-2">Dreamcatcher…</a>

  • Age: 55
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