A chance to win some of my art on buttons.
All you need to do is share an image on facebook.

As it stands right now you will probably win since there are 0 shares currently.

Thanks RBers.

Finally a Print.

One of my best selling T-shirts for a long time has been “Instant Art”.
I just uploaded a revamped print for the first time.

I hope it’s not too far away from the original!
I don’t want to disappoint the people who seem to like this work.

15% off! (see journal for discount code)

Until the 14th you can get 15% off anything from my portfolio!
If you would like to take advantage just use the code below.

15% discount code: fixtape_is_on_sale_3118

Also, I’ve been think about making some short comics.
Be afraid! :)

Oh and also (again) , I was in a fashion show recently for some local designers.
Photo one
Photo two

I know, I fail at keeping my eyes open.
whatacha gonna do.