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I love art as if it were my own youngster. Seriously, it’s a strange day if I don’t make something, and a stranger day if I didn’t look at some one elses work in awe. Here on Redbubble I’ve been mostly diving into T-shirt design with no hope for return. Even though I do a lot of painting you won’t see much of it on here, at least not yet… Dun dun dun!

Fixtape Fun Facts.

001. I leave a lot of crummy generic comments because I often can’t think of anything better to say, even though there was definitely something special about the piece that got my attention like whoa. Either that or I was avoiding swearing or unusual slang.

002. In life I’m a very happy energetic goof ball.
For realz, this is a quote from a friend when we were hanging out “I get tired just watching her go”.

003.My profile pic is a lie. I recently cut off like a foot or more of my hair, and they’re going to make wigs out of for people with cancer.

004. And you know what the worst part is? I NEVER LEARNED TO READ. Is that true? Yes, everything except the reading part. (ok if you can guess what that’s from you know I love cheesy movies).

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A chance to win some of my art on buttons. / All you need to do is share an image on facebook. / As it stands right now you will probably win since there are 0 shares currently. / Thanks RBers.
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Black Friday

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Gard Darn Theif.

A user by the name of funny has a ton of stolen art uploaded on / This was brought to my attention by the most excellent Yanmos / Yanmos found my artwork on there, and your work may be on there as well! I hope not, but at least you know the creep lives. /
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I'll tumblr for ya.

Does anybody else have one? / I’ve been using it a little bit recently. / / Love to get some new contacts!
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