A L O N E am I..........

You know, you are alone when:~
You wake up in the morning and only half the bed it looks like it’s slept in..
You go into the bathroom and there’s only one tooth brush in the holder…
There’s never any sweet smell of a perfume in the house.. or never any smell of home cooking..
You open the fridge and it’s pretty empty…
You make multiple calls on your cell phone to folks you want to say “Hi” to everyone you call doesn’t answer..
You sit in the parking lot of a “Kiss and Ride”, watching the cars come and go, and there’s no one to kiss and ride with..
You get to work and on the way home there’s no one to call and ask “Do we need any milk ?”
You got to a restaurant and you are asked “Table for one?”
You gaze at the opposite sex and feel guilty..
The spring morning sunshine no longer makes you feel warm all over..
The chipping of birds waking you up, annoys you..
You watch a TV program and can’t remember what you were watching when the commercial comes on…
Sitting in silence, looking around you and only see memories..
You hear the deafening silence, that gives you a headache..
You feeling your heart pounding in your chest……
You cry for no reason….
At the end of your day, sitting on the edge of your bed, staring at the clock radio for ten minutes, it’s at 9:00 o’clock .. not wanting to go to bed…………
That’s being alone…………


  • Rosalie Dale
    Rosalie Daleover 2 years ago

    Well said Larry!

  • deville
    devilleover 2 years ago

    Well said Larry. I know that feeling. I lost my wife 9 months ago