After the Dark...................

Long gone are those special precious times..

The hours spent in the darkroom…the enthusiasm after a shoot, to charge off, to get the images to the photo lab..
The joy of seeing an image develope before your very eyes; straining to see the mystery of time frozen, unfloalding in the merky chemical baths….
There was a time when the smells in a dark room was adicting.. The dim glow of the red light.. high on the wall..adding to the mystery.
Oh and the rush… the rush to develope the negatives; Or the colour slides.
The pain to make sure the temperatures were just right.
The heartfelt jubilation of an image come to life as I saw it…under the enlarger, trying to picture the negative as a positive…
The sounds of the stainless steel canisters clanging during the wash up.
Now with digital…all is lost…
I shoot and shoot and shoot. Why?

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