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After the Dark...................

Long gone are those special precious times..

The hours spent in the darkroom…the enthusiasm after a shoot, to charge off, to get the images to the photo lab..
The joy of seeing an image develope before your very eyes; straining to see the mystery of time frozen, unfloalding in the merky chemical baths….
There was a time when the smells in a dark room was adicting.. The dim glow of the red light.. high on the wall..adding to the mystery.
Oh and the rush… the rush to develope the negatives; Or the colour slides.
The pain to make sure the temperatures were just right.
The heartfelt jubilation of an image come to life as I saw it…under the enlarger, trying to picture the negative as a positive…
The sounds of the stainless steel canisters clanging during the wash up.
Now with digital…all is lost…
I shoot and shoot and shoot. Why?


  • BigAndRed
    BigAndRedalmost 2 years ago

    You’re sounding very nostalgic there Larry. I don’t miss the ‘bad old days’ of film as i would have to process film and make hundreds of prints, all day, every day, in the dark, with smelly chemicals. Just being able to step out side into the sunlight and fresh air was magic. So say good bye to film and developer and hello to digital. By the way is there anyone out there wanting to buy a full professional darkroom kit cheap.

  • Al Bourassa
    Al Bourassaalmost 2 years ago

    It is a new form of art Larry. It is exciting, versatile, and like the comment above, it gives us more time to pursue more and better works.

  • SharonD
    SharonDalmost 2 years ago

    Definately a lot quicker and less mess I guess Larry.