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Harry Gray

Harry Gray

Clermont, United States

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I am a self taught artist influenced by natures beauty and color. I’ve studied the light patterns and blends of color that captured the actual environment of the scenes reflected in my paintings. I like to call my work “Artistic Realism”. The places I paint are not actual places but, place I feel within, if I have swept you off to serenity making you feel like you are actually there, then you have been inspired by my painting as I have in natures beauty. Someone once said “Sometimes it is just better to paint what you feel rather than what you see”.thats what I tell my student where I teach an oil painting class !!and a merber at SouthLake art league. so I invite you to feel the beauty, as I have in my painting. Thank You for shairing my passion. ! ! ! !

  • Age: 53
  • Joined: February 2008