Howdy, I am a 2D animator living in Melbourne Australia. I am currently freelancing as a Flash Animator. I love Red Bubble, though due to work I am not as active on it as I would like to be but I always find my visits here extremely enjoyable.

Feel free to drop me a line any time to say hi!

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Animated Showreel

Hi Everyone / If you enjoy animations or just like looking at pretty work move with music please have a look at my new Showreel Thank you so much for your time. / My new blog, for those who haven’t seen it is also up. Comments and feedback will be greatly appreciated! / cheers / Fire Rabbit
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Hi everyone! / Hope you’re all well! / Just wanted to let you guys know (incase you were interested) that Kookylane and myself are doing a collaboration at the moment called “Lookout”. Kookylane did the first version and I did the second one and now she’s working on the third. I have no idea where it’s going to go but we’re just out to have fun and hope tha…
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