Nottingham, United Kingdom

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Artist, rock’n’roller based in Nottingham, England. Under-educated to a level of insignificance instead learnt his trade by studying record sleeves by bands like Iron Maiden, Motorhead, Marillion as a kid. Dropped out of college at the age of 20 after deciding his chances of making a name for himself as a sleeve designer would be greatly increased by developing his work and taking it directly to bands at gigs. This move paid off when he was given the chance to produce work for inclusion on The Wildhearts UK top40 hit single ‘Suckerpunch’ later going on to produce various single sleeves and one album sleeve for The Jellys featuring ex-members of The Wildhearts. Mark has also produced work for Subpop artists The YoYo’s and most recently posters for the Electric Frankenstein – High-Energy Punk Rock & Roll Poster Art book amongst other. Working mostly in the medium of acrylic on board and more recently computer generated design using Wacom Graphics Tablet and Pen with Photoshop. I’m hugely influenced by American Low-Brow artists like Robt Williams (designer of G’nR Appetite For Destruction cover” and Todd Schorr both of who inspire and depress me in equal measure with there amazing talents and also UK artist Mark Wilkinson famed for his art with band Marillion and others.

  • Joined: August 2012

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