Paper thick and paper thin

Tomorrow and Friday night TWO awesome shows are opening in Sydney and Melbourne!

First up: Paper Thin, the first show at new Sydney gallery Colour By Numbers, opening tomorrow night (25th of August):

Everyone has submitted a 10×10″ work on paper, here’s mine:

Siamese Fighting Fish!

Here’s the facebook event too.

Next up, opening this Friday (the 26th of August) from 6-8pm at Brunswick Street Gallery in Melbourne:

I enjoyed working on the origami paper so much for this show, that I was happy for the opportunity to do it again. Using patterned and rice papers, I’ve created some more beasts…some sneak peaks:

More samurai and Japanese themed beasts!

Here’s the facebook event.

This was a fun project and I’m looking forward to seeing it up on the wall this Friday. After that…getting ready for my show in october with Aramas. More details on that soon!


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