The period of darkness is coming to the north. I know, however, there are colours in the twilight. I want to see and to show them!

My name is Lassi Kalleinen. I am a Finnish amateur photographer, blogist and writer working daytime in a Herbarium (OULU). So my photos are many times from the Regimes of Flora or Trees. I am also an experimenter – always trying to see things from a new viewpoint.So my portfolio is diverse, too.

I love to see the shapes and lines, maybe ideas, too, there in nature. So my work sometimes turns into the abstract. Autumn and winter are my seasons.

I use camera and Photoshop together , and many other software, too. I enjoy the possibilities that the digital gives to me. Incamera or out of the camera – that does not matter to me. I try to get visually pleasing, emotive and spiritually true pictures. That’s my realism I believe.


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