Thursday Track

Out of the goodness of my wallet and the guilt of my heart. It was only through talking politics and the physics of ice cream (versus those of frozen yogurt) with one of the crazies on the train did I realize that I was one of them. Shark Week antics: what would Sylvia think? My planner is filled with observations and second thoughts instead of appointments and dinner plans; I don’t need to keep a diary. Stephen is of the garden variety, but still prefers mice to meal worms (a most discerning palate for a snake). Through certain windows, light from a single street lamp shines linear and softly crosses, much like how it looks through the momentary blur of tears before the blink. As a people, we tend to undervalue the wrists…all major joints, for that matter. Blonde flops masquerading as bangs deserve to be regarded with nothing more than suspicion. Uneven blinds fixed by concentration. Alice in Wonderland. Umbrellas. Vultures. Fourth of July. National Geographic. Wrapping paper. Flannel blankets. Styrofoam. Microwaves. The Devil. Kangaroos. Nancy. Puberty. Carpeted stairways. Wax-coated leaves. Libraries like cemeteries. Grandmothers and grass. Fireworks. Fear. Coffee tables. Small pox and theme parks. Regret. Paul McCartney. Turtles. Murals. Show-offs. Curls. Harvey Danger. Jimmy Stewart. Sepia-tone rivers churning up more than just sediment.

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  • Michael Douglass