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Fishcross, Alloa, Scotland, United Kingdom

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Help Required

Hi to the People of Red Bubble, I know this is a place for photography, writing and Sharing and i also know i have been missing from the site for a while whilst i try to start my own studio but may i ask just this one favor, I live in a very small community in central Scotland the smallest county in fact, called “Clackmananshire” in my local town Sauchie there is a little girl called Mackenzie who is fighting a cancer that has returned for a second time i will leave a link where you can read just exactly what it is.
I am not asking that you give money however if you wish you can give a pound /dollar or 2 that would be great, however i was wondering if we could not harness the power of the internet, through you people of the Redbubble world. And I ask you to share the link with your friends on facebook.
As we only have 18 days left we need to spread this fast and wide to raise the funds she needs to help her get better.
I ask this of you guys because you are far and wide around the world and this is one way to get that message to as many people in as short a time as possible.

My thanks In advance to my friends

Alan Findlater

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