Rhodes, Middleton, United Kingdom

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My true aim on Redbubble is not to be recognised but to simply release my emotions in a place where they’re recorded forever.
i like meeting new people and i help as many as i can, nothing in my life i consider being worth more than my friends and my work.
Currently I am now in college, my preferred posts for Redbubble is my writing but i wish to practice in photography as well.
If anyone wants to they can add me on Facebook –
If you do decide to add me on Facebook, please contact me via Redbubble first.

  • Age: 19
  • Joined: July 2011



i am the fallen one / in a fight everyday / but none of the physical kind / i fight matters of the mind / this insomnia i struggle through / the depression that follows me / this hunting hurt that finds us / i folllow in the wake of devistation / to be with me is to dance with deaths / i fight for the fallen, but none fight for me, / thus the reason i place my name / cause those i fight are just …
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