Positive thinking improves how we feel. It lessens feelings of depression and anxiety and helps us to look at things in a realistic light. Practising positive thinking is a vital part of getting better.
1. Based on good evidence
2. Do not predict the future
3. Put things into perspective
4. Help us to succeed
Cue cards can be carried around as reminders. Negative thoughts need to be
Challenged ,disputed and replaced with positive thoughts.
Examples of Positive thoughts:
1. I can cope with these feelings.
2. This isn’t going to worry me, I’ll practise my relaxation.
3. These feelings don’t mean anything dreadful will happen to me.
4. I accept and believe in myself.
5. I’m loveable and capable.
6., I don’t have to be all better tomorrow.
7. I can continue to make progress one step at a time.
8. Worrying has no effect on my problems; taking action does.
9. It’s o.k. simply to be myself.
10. I’m responsible and in control of my life. Circumstances are what they are, but I
can determine my attitude toward them.
11. I deserve to have my feelings and needs taken care of as much as anyone else.
12. I accept all the different parts of myself.
13. When other people really get to know me, they like me.
14. I am learning to take life one day at a time.
15. It’s okay to make mistakes.
16. It’s not going to be as bad as I think, I might even enjoy it if I go.
17. I am getting better and need to do this to rebuild my confidence.

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