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Questions for Challenging Anxious Thoughts

When you are bothered by anxious thoughts and fears look down this list of questions and ask yourself each one in turn. When we are worrying we are usually not seeing things as they really are. By investigating the accuracy of our thoughts we can see that there is often a more realistic way of thinking.

1. What evidence do I have to support my thoughts?
What evidence do I have against them?

2. How would someone else view this situation?
How would I have viewed this situation in the past?
How would I advise someone else in this situation?

3. Am I thinking in black and white? I am totally well or very sick?
Am I ignoring the middle ground?

4. Am I over-estimating the chances of the worst happening?
Am I always thinking of the worst possible outcome, rather than what is more likely to happen?

5. Am I blaming myself for things that are not my fault?
Am I holding myself responsible for things I can’t control?

6. Am I always looking on the negative side of things?
Am I ignoring the positive, ignoring my own strengths?
Am I ignoring the ways that I have coped in the past?

7. Am I jumping to conclusions?
Am I predicting the future? Am I imagining I know what it going to happen?
Am I imagining I know what someone else will do, or say, or think of me?

8. Am I setting rules for myself?
Am I telling myself I should, I must, I have to – rather than I want, I can ?

9. Will I be worrying about this situation in a few months time? In a few years time?

10. What can I do to change my situation?
Am I ignoring solutions to problems because I’m telling myself they won’t work?
Am I really trying to solve my problems, or am I convincing myself there is no solution?

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