" Each One see’s what he carries in his own heart " Johann Wolfgang Goeth / Greetings from here in the United States to all friends & new friends through USA , Europe and throughout the whole wide world / contact ricktodaro@gmail.com *Art form Europe will figure much in 2015 and going forward My work here is available to purchase in every size and format I also will do commissioned work from your photographs , My painting / my version of Vincent’s / " Starry Night over the Rhone River " / photography " Reflections of a Summer Day " Updated May 2015 ~ Rick Todaro, Painter & Fine Art Photography . After his life as a musician / performer/songwriter. Rick studied on his own (self taught ) , greatly influenced by the very best artists that came before him . yet he has his own unique voice. When he became a painter he launched out to capture and render the beautiful world that surrounds us From the United States, Canada & Europe. Some of the themes you will see beautiful cities and rural countryside he has visited. His paintings are in homes as far north as Quebec City, Saint Antoine sur Richelieu in Canada, and throughout the U.S. from the East to West Coasts.Various places have shown and sold his work, from high end boutiques in Palmer square, Princeton, N.J., small galleries to upscale Resto/Coffeehouses and Barnes & Noble bookstore art shows.. Rick also has done many many beautiful faux finishes on request, and has worked on myriads of homes and businesses. *He also does commissioned paintings from descriptions and photographs / email again for commissioned work / & I will do a beautiful painting from your photographs.
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I invite you to come by, I am and will continue to add much new artwork

I invite you to come by, I am and will continue to add much new artwork.I have been quite busy over the last year and will now also include much more artwork from Europe.So in closing visit and visit often im sure you will find something you really love and just have to hang in your home or office !
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House In A Woodland

House In A Woodland, Just created. This scene is a very peaceful bucolic Landscape. The house being surrounded by towering evergreens and other beautiful trees, plants etc. Come round and view, comment and of course Its for sale here as well.
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I Invite you to see new artwork In my galleries.

I Invite you to see new artwork In my galleries. There is something for most every taste with a great variety of locations , themes and subject matter !
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2014 New Year ~ New Frontiers

2014 New Year ~ New Frontiers, I warmly welcome you to my page / galleries here on Red Bubble. I Invite you to have a visit , view, comment and of course my artwork is available to purchase in all formats and sizes. Why not stop by and look through my collections. Rick Todaro
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