Photographer, painter, jeweler, designer

“A true photograph need not be explained, nor can it be contained in words.”
Ansel Adams

if it’s light that reveals the matter
that allows a peek into the soul
and exposes the essence
of loneliness
your words are light to me

if it’s light that illuminates longing
that reveals the soft-edged shadows
the winding heart trail
of yearning
your gentleness is light to me

if it’s light that makes the body gleam
that gifts its brilliant spectrum
the fiery dance of limbs
of lust
your adoration is light to me

if it’s light that transcends our sins
that mellows the darkness
and paints the sunrise
of serenity
your being is light to me

i’m writing with light
with love
this snapshot for you

© 2010 Mia Rose

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