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Joined September 2008

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Rockin’ sums it all up, but I would rather be known as an artist. It has been my passion and those that have known me would concur.

Pet peeve: Tone of my voice while I communicate. It is a part of me that was learned from Van. Most of the time I find I can curb it, but every now and then it will raises it’s brutal head. It really is ugly. It really is not intentional as well, which makes it even more of a peeve.

Three great kids. Two are still under Momma’s wings and innocent… the other makes his own circle and walks his own path. He will need to find a straight stick before the path ends.

Dog: Diesel… Big, black and nothing but love… and land mines

Two wives — Respected and Cherished

Faith Yes, Creator is all!

*Vices*— Yes

  • Joined: September 2008

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