Keyera is a 20 year old art student of Savannah College of Art and Design, a beautiful place that she goes to in order to develop her skills and get away from the stress of home life when she can. She identifies publicly as a Theistic Luciferian and non-denominational witch, though she dabbles in other practices from time to time and is currently studying for initiation into a mystery faith. When she isn’t organizing text files and blogging about witchcraft, Keyera reads tarot cards for free, writes personal spells and experiments with spell smithing for services later in her life, and studies both magical and medicinal herbalism.

Keyera is a Leo/Cancer – born on the cusp of the signs – and exhibits many traits of both signs, though her primary use for astrology is as a conversation starter. She is also an empath and a mimic, and for this reason she avoids the majority of dramatic interactions within the Pagan community, preferring instead to spend time with a friend of hers who helps her keep her emotions stabilized, and who allows her to use as a grounding stone when it’s called for.

She loves to create – writing fiction or non-fiction, art journaling, gardening, designing, drawing, and painting are just a few of her favored methods – and she adores the many cats that have come and gone from her home over the years, all of whom she remembers fondly, and all of whom she misses dearly. Her only true woes are her low income, broken heart, and writer’s block.

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Starting Fresh

Going over my old work, I’ve decided that 1) I hate it, and 2) I want to start fresh here on RedBubble. I’ve deleted all my old works, and I’ll be uploading new stuff in the near future. My hope is to upload one new piece every week, but it may be more or less than that. / In the meantime I want to thank everyone who purchased my old designs over the past two years. The support …
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