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This is Friendship Bike Ride Productions. Welcome.

  • Joined: October 2008


New FBRP Blogs!

The proud owners of FBRP are sharing their thoughts on the world, with the convienence of a blog! Each one of a us has our own, and they will be updated often. We also have an fbrp blog or two in place, so be sure to check in there as well. / Reids Wild World / Mike is on Fire! / The Clappnasty / And the FBRP blogs can be found right here… / FBRP Main Blog / FBRP News Blog / Thanks for st…
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New Shirts!

Well, it happened. We did it. We ****** did it. We made our first t-shirt logo! Man, feels good to have a burden like that off of your back…. / But for reals, we are all excited about the prospect of designing clothes for the world to wear…and to promote the hell out of FBRP. New designs are being dreamed up as we speak, and hopefully we can have another 2-3 shirts ready to sell b…
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The Beginning of The Future: A History of Friendship Bike Ride Productions

Hello. / So, a little history first? / Friendship Bike Ride Productions was started in the spring of 2008 as an creative outlet for some friends looking to break into the world of internet stardom. Since everyone else was making money by being an idiot on the internet, we figured, "hell, we’re just the right idiots for that kind of job! ". Turns out, we were. We took our collec…
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