Trouble finding any photographic motivation

Hi All,

Just going through a bit of a slow patch creatively, well, that’s what I’m hoping. I haven’t touched either of my cameras in 3 months for a number of reasons. The last job I did was a wedding shoot, and I have a group portrait shoot this tuesday, neither of which are in the slightest way interesting to me. While I do enjoy good portrait work, I’m not a fan of attempting it myself.

As for my landscape work, since we got back from the USA and Canada 4 months ago, and back into the (sometimes brutal) swing of work, I find I come home mentally exhausted every day and have no motivation to shoot, just eat and sleep. My partner and I both work in demanding service roles (myself in IT/Network management and her in Fire/Emergency response), and come the weekend, I’m exhausted even more so, with zero incentive to create new work.

I’d really like to have enough quality wqork to release two calendars by the end of November, one of local Melbourne and Victoria, and one of work I captured while in the USA and Canada. I have enough for the American calendar, but not quite there with the local stuff.

Has anyone else gone through such a slump? and for such a long period of time?

And if any Melbourne locals feel like lighting a photographic fire under my behind, feel free… I desperately need to stretch my legs (and shutter finger), but just can’t quite get there after listening to people whine about their email all day.

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