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Hastings, Mornington Peninsula, Australia

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What a headache

I’ve just spent the last hour and half trying to work out how to add images of my Artist Palette feature onto my Profile page. Succeeded at last but the print is not very readable but as the title of my Insight article was “Forever Learning” I guess it was not an entirely wasted effort and so having now given myself a huge headache I intend to turn off the computer and go out to my studio and do something creative.


  • Belinda "BillyLee" NYE (Printmaker)
    Belinda "Billy...about 5 years ago

    Well Faye,there you go talking to yourself again. Actually I went and had a look at it and it came out much better then when I put mine on. I have to go and buy it right away. I should have bought it today and completely forgot. Tomorrow, on the way to my class with Carol I will stop off and buy it. Also, you are going to be mad at me. REally mad. I got my forms in for Graduation too late and they did not accept my late entry. This means I cannot go. I know you are going to mad at me, I am so sorry. That is why I have bought you an art book on “Surviving being an artist” or something like that. I hope you accept this book as my apologies. I screwed up and I myself am really upset about it. Billy P.S. Saw surgeon today and will be going in for another surgery. B

  • gillsart
    gillsartabout 5 years ago

    Increased the size to 150% and I could read it Faye .Thanks for puting it on .You could have just told us to buy it!!! Really liked what you had written and very brave of you backpacking through Europe in your 50’s …..
    I am glad someone finds printmaking easy …As a subject it was a trial for me and stabbing my thumb during a lino cut didnt help .
    Anyway thanks for sharing your life with us !!
    (Gillian )

  • Thanks for taking the time to read it Gillian. It was a bit daunting (is that how you spell it) when I was first approached to do it but was really a good thing to do. Also a bit scary putting yourself out there. I wouldn’t say that printmaking is very easy – it’s really hard work but quite rewarding when it all works out – and often it doesn’t. Thanks again.

    – Faye Doherty