Coburg, Australia

Yeah Alright! Now I’m on RedBubble! Sweet! Now you can buy all the FatRhino shirts and prints your heart desires. Keep an eye out for new products and also check out the page on Facebook for my handcut and custom printed old-school longboards.

Fat Rhino Design is the brainchild of Lachlan Widdison. Spawned from a discarded university band name, it quickly morphed into a hobby/side-project alternative to the nine to fiver in print studios and in-house design positions. Places where great skills are learned but creativity can be somewhat limited.

From what started with some t-shirt print and stenciling activities, developed into a freelance design service, Vector and installation art outlet and has now ventured into the exciting medium of skateboard design (hand-cut and custom printed)

  • Joined: June 2009