I’m just finishing my fine art degree at De Montfort University. I’m looking to have a ‘portfolio’ career mixing up stuff (hopefully arty) that pays and my practice…

This my art blogspot where I look at my work and projects.


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Waiting. I’m waiting to put up my final work (see Resurgence work ups in painting) it is an 800 piece installation. / Never thought I’d do an installation. It is 10 paintings cut up and recreated into one huge work collaged directly on the wall. / I did 20 walks across the summer 2011 the shortest was 3 miles the longest nearly 10! I never looked at a map until after. I had simple goa…
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Dental woes

Had two teeth out on Wednesday after months of pain (but never on the teeth themselves) it is an actual relief but kinda put a dampener on my first week of my fortnight off work… / Otherwise oK bought a new camera and enjoying it very much!
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Good Friday

Why is good friday good? Surely it should be bad friday and good sunday? / I’m Pagen anyway and this all fits in with that the real new year rebirth etc… / Tho in town today the Christains, after doing ‘The passion,’ were singing badly. While some Hari Krishna’s, sounding much more joyful, were trying to get people to dance the other end of the street! / Snow is expe…
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It’s too early to say anything but I am researching something thta could be lifechanging…. / Otherwise still not well and got woken up by an earthquake last night in the UK!!!
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