My Fernie Girl by Laura-Lise Wong


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1. My first name was Misty. I came into the SPCA as a stray in March of 2008. I did not have a microchip or a tattoo so I was put up for adoption. The very first day I was up for adoption was the day that mom and dad had come to the SPCA looking for a kitty. I was so scared of all the people and tried to make myself as small as possible and hide in the back of the cage. There were so many other kitties there that day so I just hoped that no one would notice me but mom and dad saw the potential in me and asked if they could meet me. They brought me into the room and I was so scared I hid under the mop bucket. I was just a scraggly little ball of matted fur. Mom and Dad put some treats down and “ignored” me while talking to the SPCA worker… eventually I came out to investigate. Mom talked so sweet and loving to me that I wasn’t scared of her any more. I started rubbing, rolling and purring all over and Mom knew I was the perfect kitty for them.
2. The SPCA thought I was about a year old but when Mom and Dad took me to the vet he said he thought I was closer to two. I was just so malnourished from living on the streets for as long as I had. March 28th will be my third “Gotcha Day” so that means I am about five years old now.
3. When Mom and Dad brought me home I was not very pleased to see Farful. I did not sign up to have a huge dog living in the same house as me. I hissed and growled and swatted her any time she came near me. But Farful is very much a mommy dog. She would just sit there with her head down and let me hit her!!! Once I realized that I was the boss and she would never hurt me we became bestest friends. Here is a video of us having a bit of a wrestle
4. I absolutely LOVE camping!!! Being outdoors is so much fun to me since I used to be a street kitty. And of course being in the woods is so much better than being in an alley. Mom and Dad even bought me my own little tent that I can sit and lounge in during the day which is great because then the squirrels don’t know I am there I also claim my own chair around the campfire when I want to and no one moves me because they know I am The Queen
5. I love car rides too. I will sit on Mom’s lap and look out the window Mom thinks that I think I am a dog. I will even walk on my leash and waddle behind when we go into town from the campsite. Everyone gets a big kick out of it and I always draw a crowd. People are always amazed by how friendly I am with dogs too. Even new dogs I have never met before will always get a friendly kiss from me. I am not so keen on kitties though and I am still not too happy that Momo is part of the family… she always chases my tail!!!
6. I am definitely spoiled rotten and am very vocal about my demands. When someone comes over and does not pay attention to me I will gently pat them on the shoulder with my paw to remind them of my presence and then when they look at me they will get a big meow to let them know that they need to pet me already!!!
7. I am also used to getting tidbits of meat too and will patiently wait while Mom and Dad eat until they break off a little piece for me
8. The first time Mom and Dad had Grandma babysit me when they went away for a couple of days I ran away from home. Grandma was devastated and searched everywhere for me. She put up posters and called the pound and SPCA every hour to see if I turned up. She even took Farful walking around looking for me in case Farful could sniff me out. Mom and Dad came home to find me gone and Grandma crying on the couch. My Dad put on his roller blades and grabbed my Temptations treats and went out searching around the neighbourhood for hours but he didn’t find me. That night was one of the worst thunderstorms of the year and mom spent the whole night looking out the window crying. The next day (the third day I had been missing) Mom was still just looking out the window crying when she saw a bunny bolting across the street AND then she was I was CHASING the bunny (like a lion chasing a gazelle). She screamed to tell Dad and he ran and opened the door and called me. I just meowed and sauntered over like nothing was wrong. Daddy scooped me up and brought me inside to my crying Mom… they were overjoyed that bunny had brought me home. I don’t see what the big deal was… don’t they know I have street smarts???
9. Really I think everyone knows how much of a Queen I am. I mean come on… I am so regal and gorgeous. Even I love looking at myself in the mirror there really isn’t one day where I don’t look at myself in the mirror actually. If you were as gorgeous as me though wouldn’t you admire yourself every day?
10. When Mom and Dad go to bed is when I expect to get my loving in the most. I will head-butt their face or pat them in the face with my paw. If they really try to ignore me then I will bite them!!! Not too hard but just hard enough to wake them up to pet me. Did I mention already that I am The Queen?


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I am a self taught photographer who has really become more passionate about photography in the last year. My favourite subjects are animals and nature which I am sure will be apparant. I like constructive criticism so please feel free to message me about what you think.

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