I am the grandmother of three gorgeous little girls aged six and eight years and five weeks old. I have a keen interest in travel and photography and I hope that I will always remain teachable.
I am very new to photography but I love capturing things of beauty and having a record there to look at. I have travelled quite a lot around the Mediterranean which I just love and it has only been in the last three years that I have taken pictures. I do however live in a beautiful part of the world and much of the beauty is just a short drive away. I am delighted to have discovered Redbubble and I look forward to seeing the rest of this amazing world through the eyes of others.
When I began RBubble I was using a Panasonic Lumix TZ7
I now use a Panasonic Lumix TZ30. I am not sure whether my photographic skills have improved since joining RBubble but my enthusiasm has not waned in any way. I have made so many wonderful friends who are very generous with their time and encouragement.
I do try to reply to everyone who is kind enough to comment on my images and I am aware that I do not always acknowledge those who favourite my work, but I can assure you that it is very much appreciated.

  • Age: 70
  • Joined: June 2011


What Am I Doing Wrong??

I am trying to get my images to fit the pillows and the ipad case but it will not edit for me. There is an edit facility but it doesn’t work. I am really frustrated. I know it is quicker uploading everything at the one time but only if they upload as they should.
Posted 13 days – 12 comments

Beyond Frustrated With RB

I have been trying to upload some images this evening and when I get to the part of entering them into groups an ad comes on at the bottom of the screen which prevents me from scrolling down to the ‘Save Work’ / Then a stupid thing appears telling me to save the work or it will be lost. But I am unable to save it. / Why are RB messing around again. I would love to know if anyone else …
Posted 15 days – 15 comments

Sold A Phonecase

How wonderful to sell a phone case, particularly when it is totally unexpected. Thank you so much. I hope you are happy with your purchase. / Kind regards / Joyce
Posted 23 days – 27 comments

Images Not Uploading

I am beyond frustration trying to upload images from Majorca. I have tried for the past hour and I am getting nowhere. I don’t always want my images as totes or tees but that is all I seem to be able to do. Prints, canvases and posters will not upload at all. I would appreciate some help.
Posted about 1 month – 7 comments