We are t-shirt company from Spain. You can see all our works at our spanish website: Fanisetas.com or at Facebook: www.facebook.com/fanisetas

We use Redbubble to let people all around the world to buy our designs. Please ask if you want one of our designs

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Why So Syrius Black, Available 03/16 at QWERTEE.com

My Design, Why So Sirius Black, will be available at Qwertee.com at only $12 / £8 / €10 On Sunday 16th March. And 17th / I Hope all Harry Potter and Dark Knight Fans, love this.
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TRUE STORY ONLY 12€ / 15,71$ All this week

Our Tee, True Story is availbale for only 12€ (15,71$) from 10/17/12 untill 10/23/12 at my Spanish Site: www.fanisetas.com/index.php?language=en / Shipping to the USA is only 12$ and 7€ for Europe.
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Nuka Cola for 12€ (15$) all this week at Fanisetas.com

My European site www.fanisetas.com is selling every week one of my designs at 15,60$/12€. / This week Till October 9th.
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True Story on QWERTEE!!

Today (10/03/12) for 10€ and tomorrow for 12€, you can buy our TEE, “True Story” at http://www.qwertee.com/
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