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Styles for the individual, or masses! what does it take to be individual?

Everything we see these days seems to promote individualism, such as customised trainers, hair products that make you stand out from the crowd, and the same goes for clothes, as soon as a new season of clothes/designs come out, people believe they have to buy into the new style, as they want to stand out and be the first to be different, but eventually everyone else catches on, or up, and you are all the same again until the next season of clothes/designs is out. I find it a weird cycle as it never really ends.
So what is the individual (in style), in mainstream fashion i suppose its the guy/girl who gets the latest season first until the rest catch up. Then there is the fashion of the sub cultures/underground culture, such as goths, metal heads, cyber dogs, 1950s hair style sporting guys, and the tweed coat gents. These people want to steer away from the mainstream, and fair enough, whatever floats your boat, but if you look around (and you live in a big city like London UK for instance) you see that there aren’t just a a couple of people with the same fashion sense, there are lots of different groups sporting the same underground fashion sense. So it seems more of a wolfpack scenario to me, groups of the same thing, maybe its because they do feel more at home with this or that style, but they feel safe/more comfortable in the knowledge that there are others just like them roaming the streets.
So what does it take to be ‘individual’ these days? from a style point of view?
I do understand that its not all about who buys the clothes first from a company or who is the first to wear clothes they see one the catwalk. I dont have the answer to who is the real true individual or whether its actually possible to attain an individual style, I am simply raising questions, and by no means want to offend anyone, as I probably follow styles just like anyone else, mainstream or alternative, but i would love to hear your thoughts.

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