Fangpunk clothing – Stay updated with Fangpunk designs and leave everyone else looking like they just stepped off a tramp catwalk.

Straight out of the UK, taking inspiration from surf/skate culture, movies, pop art, and music in the punk / metal / rock and film score genre. Art and fashion are one!

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Fangpunk is officially 1 year old, Thank you to everyone who liked or bought my designs

OK! So I want to say a big thank you to everyone for buying or liking my designs. The first design I made was 1 year ago, and since then I’ve been making more every few days, and I have loved every minute of it. Using this platform has enabled me to design things I would like to wear or hang on my wall, and most of all share the things I create with all of you. / I will continue to create …
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So as you know If you’ve been following me I’ve been doing designs on things that interest me, and my interests are varied so I have many designs on different subjects. I will continue to do more but I would like to formally introduce you to something that has gradually been building up and now I think it is time…. / Fangpunk / Fangpunk is now a staple design, almost a brand if …
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Styles for the individual, or masses! what does it take to be individual?

Everything we see these days seems to promote individualism, such as customised trainers, hair products that make you stand out from the crowd, and the same goes for clothes, as soon as a new season of clothes/designs come out, people believe they have to buy into the new style, as they want to stand out and be the first to be different, but eventually everyone else catches on, or up, and you are…
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