UPDATE 7/10/14: Colt Cabana sent me a private message on Twitter saying that he was sad to see me selling merchandise(illegally) that had his likeness on it. Weirdly enough, he didn’t file a complaint on it(like WWE does, LOL). Once I read the message, I promptly removed the shirt and poster, and I sent him an apology via twitter. I’m a huge Colt Cabana fan, and I had made that design for a Pro Wrestling Tees contest. I was so proud of the job I did, I wanted to share it with the world. The last thing I would want to do is have one of my favorite wrestlers hate my guts. Again, I’ll say it a million times over, I’m sorry Colt. And if it’s an consolation, I didn’t move any units of that shirt or poster.

UPDATE 5/28/14: Some Person or Company(COUGH WWE COUGH), went through my account and completely raided my account. They filed complaints on all of my top selling shirts. Because of that, those shirts have been deleted from the account. They have pretty much become collectors items. From this moment on, I will probably only be producing Beyond Kayfabe merch and designs. Though, to everyone that has purchased a t-shirt, poster, or sticker from this Redbubble, I would like to say Thank You.

After 3/10/14, I can say that False Finish Design’s is officially “As Seen On Monday Night RAW”, thanks to whoever that fan was wearing the Swiss Superman t-shirt. You made this fat man extremely jolly.

If you buy one of my products and tweet @Deebow or @BKPodcast with a pic of you in the False Finish Gear, we’ll give you a shout out on the Beyond Kayfabe Podcast.

The concept for False Finish Designs was originally built on the same idea that BarberShopWindow.com and Turnbuckle Tees had. We wanted to make Wrestling T-Shirts cool again. We were tired of the same tired stuff that WWE and TNA were producing. The lack of creativity in their products offended us as wrestling fans.

Through that concept we decided to expand our demographic and target the music industry, movies, tv, and comics.

My motivation to put my art out on this website is not for the money. I think it would be cool to watch RAW, SD!, NXT, iMPACT!, or any other wrestling show and see somebody wearing a piece of my art.

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