More updates!

Hello lover Bubblers!

I just wanted to write a journal to say hello, how are you doing? I don’t get much time to spend on Red Bubble like I used to, and have felt bad not commenting on as many works as I like. I miss so many! But those that I do see and love, I pounce on.

You are all such amazing artists, and I wanted to thank everyone who has offered me advice and support. It’s so greatly appreciated.

In “photo” news, still trying to get that ‘professional folio’ together. Working on some Beauty shoots, and have a few fashion ones thrown in there (doing a shoot for a designer tomorrow, should be fun!)
I had one paid shoot, a small portfolio for a young boy wanting to get into musical theatre. Was very fun, and am happy with the images. I will ask for his permission to post a couple here. Apart from that, it’s free shoots like always! I feel bad that I’m so used to it, and that I’m shocked when people actually have money to offer. I worry that when I do get paid shoots, I won’t be able to perform like I do normally.

But I’ll finish the journal here. I hope your lives are filled with happiness and success!


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