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Faizan Qureshi

Faizan Qureshi

Wolverhampton, United Kingdom

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2008 is almost over...

All year around, people look forward to a week or two in December where they can relax and recharge but end up stressing out over making their Christmas perfect. The day comes and goes in a heartbeat but the holiday excitement doesn’t end till the end of the year!

Natalie wanted to know how the year has been for everyone so here goes…

State your name and your business.
Faizan Qureshi, customer services at RedBubble, designer, lazy ass, was a student, hoping to be again, etc etc.

Tell us what you consider to be your RedBubble highlight(s) for the year.
a. Gaining popularity amongst thousands of others without being a professional at what I do. When I came to this site in 2007, I didn’t expect to be known to so many people on an art site. (Never had much luck on dA)
b. Gettin…

One Year Five Hours

Today, it has been exactly one year and five hours since I joined RedBubble. :) It has been quite a journey… it has changed drastically since and I’m glad to have been a part of it.

Metropolitan was the first piece that I created for this site… it’s still my favourite, thus the t-shirt derived from it that has generated more sales than any other:

…and within a couple of hours of joining, I created the following and they stayed. Even after many clean-ups in which many images (including my Seven Sins) have gone:

:) Good times!