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Faizan Qureshi

Faizan Qureshi

Wolverhampton, United Kingdom

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How much do we love our fellow RBers?

If you love your fellow RBers, why not join our group that aims to promote the works of artists at RedBubble and all over the web in an effort to bring in more viewers and sales?

As Jo said in her blog:
It’s a simple premise. Get a group of people and all focus our attention on promoting a handful of works all over the internet. Then next time, my work gets a turn in the limelight.

This is happening right now in the Promote Each Other group.

  • get your art in front of a much wider audience
  • members have reported increased views and sales
  • only promote works you really like in places that you choose
  • see lots of amazing art that would have otherwise passed you by
  • be part of a team who work together to give each other a well deserved scratch on the back

Why compete with every other artist when we can …