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Creative Arts Festival - United Kingdom

Hey guys

I am organising a Creative Arts Festival for a charity in the UK and was wondering if any of you would like to buy a stall there, or be interested in buying exhibition space?

This is going to be in Victoria Square, Birmingham (with SO much exposure) in April 2008.

The stalls could cost anywhere from £400 to £800 depending on the size however I am working out the details for combined exhibition spaces that artists, designers and photographers can get together and hire.

The festival will also include food stalls, handicrafts, alcohol, floral designs, jewellery, (unknown) designer clothes, music, dance, drama, musicals, etc.

Please let me know if you are interested as soon as you can before the stalls run out.

Also, would RedBubble be interested in sponsoring and/or buying a stall to showcase their artists??

Remember, this is for a charity so be generous! ;)

What do I get out of this if it’s for a charity? I get public relations, contacts and experience to do it bigger and better the next time!


Director – Tutti Art

PS: Please comment and favourite this so it can get good exposure. Remember, this is for a good cause!

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