Faizan Qureshi

Faizan Qureshi

Wolverhampton, United Kingdom

2008 is almost over...

All year around, people look forward to a week or two in December where they can relax and recharge but end up stressing out over making their Christmas perfect. The day comes and goes in a heartbeat but the holiday excitement doesn’t end till the end of the year!

Natalie wanted to know how the year has been for everyone so here goes…

State your name and your business.
Faizan Qureshi, customer services at RedBubble, designer, lazy ass, was a student, hoping to be again, etc etc.

Tell us what you consider to be your RedBubble highlight(s) for the year.
a. Gaining popularity amongst thousands of others without being a professional at what I do. When I came to this site in 2007, I didn’t expect to be known to so many people on an art site. (Never had much luck on dA)
b. Getting the chance to work with the amazing team.
c. Bringing a smile to many by organising Secret Santa with the amazing Nat and seeing the community come together for it.
d. Winning a challenge that I never expected to win.

Christmas tune that you would ban for life and why.
None. I love all Christmas stuff, be it cheesy, naughty, commercial or whatever. Bring it on!

Funniest comment you’ve seen on a work/journal/forum thread.
I can’t remember what I did 2 days ago, let alone a whole year.

Which RedBubble work are you secretly hoping to find under your tree?
This is too tough. From my recent favourites, it’d be passionate Lovers 9

Most inspiring thing/person you’ve spotted on the Bubble this year.
Nat, Nat, Rose, Tania, Julie, Cathie, Adriana Rhana, Joan, Jane, Helen B, LittleHelen, Sarah and the of course the wider community (as well as many many more people that I am forgetting to mention)

Imagine you are the queen of England. What’s your Christmas message to the RedBubble masses?
Come together and make love for one cannot ever make enough love to satisfy!

Thank you all for your love and support. May you have a wonderful 2009.


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