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Community Blog: Artist Arena

2 or so years ago, I bought a domain called Artist-Arena.com (and Photoshop-Arena.com) and I wanted to start an art & design blog there but never got around to actually doing it.

Now that I am pretty much done with college, I have plenty of time on my hands so I (finally) started this the other night.

It’s basically a community blog, where the bloggers (apply within) just plug an image a day or whenever they can with a preview image of 410 × 200 px so we’re not giving away the entire image… just getting people interested enough to click on it.

The way that I am currently planning on running is using permissions. For example, the other day, I asked Cathie if it is alright with her if I feature her on the blog and she was thankful. I asked her if she’d be interested in taking part and she said yes. That way, we’re featuring members and actually bringing them towards our group and the blog and giving them a platform to promote others.

The reason why I want to do it at one place, using a domain/private hosting, is because there is no use what so ever if someone is gonna start a blogspot blog, puts a couple of images up every week but does not promote the actual blog. No-one is going to visit that page and it’ll be a waste of effort. Using a community blog would encourage us all to promote a place where we all “hang out” and promote members/talk about art/etc. The plan is that it will slowly develop into something big like The Serif but we’ve obviously gotta start small.

Please reply if you’re interested in blogging. It doesn’t have to be all the time and every little post will help.

Thanks :)


  • hilarydougill
    hilarydougillover 6 years ago

    sounds a great idea, and well done you, don’t know if I would have time to join in another group., even though I would love to. hugs and I wish you every success.

  • Thanks Hilary! :-)

    This is one group that requires a lot of time so I understand that.

    – Faizan Qureshi

  • Trace Lowe
    Trace Loweover 6 years ago

    It sounds like a fun concept. Congrats on finishing college!

  • Thanks Trace. :D

    – Faizan Qureshi

  • Natalie Tyler
    Natalie Tylerover 6 years ago

    I meant to reply to your post the other day – sorry! I’m not sure how much time I could commit but I’d be happy to help out when I can :)

  • I was wondering why you never replied hehe. Okay, that’s cool. :-) I’ll make you an account just in case.

    – Faizan Qureshi

  • yanmos
    yanmosover 6 years ago

    very good idea!!!

  • Thanks Yanmos. Wanna be a blogger there? :D

    – Faizan Qureshi

  • butchart
    butchartover 6 years ago

    i’m not a member of your group Faiz.. but i’d be very interested in joining you… no nudies.. i promise…:) b

  • The group asks that you have 2 external places where you can actively promote others (and yourself) like stumbleupon, delicious, blog, etc etc.

    Thanks for your interest. :D

    – Faizan Qureshi

  • yanmos
    yanmosover 6 years ago

    yea why not but my english is not so good if i have to writte in there… :)

  • nannajul
    nannajulover 6 years ago

    Count me in Faizan. By the way, if you go Here you can add your art related site to try and get it into the top 100 sites. It ranks quite high in google. I am wondering why Redbubble are not on it.

  • Jen692
    Jen692over 6 years ago

    It looks great congrats to you!

  • Scott Ruhs
    Scott Ruhsover 6 years ago

    Saw this in our forum in the group, but didn’t get a chance to reply. I’d be happy to do what I can as far as blogging goes. New ground for me. Set me up.

  • Adriana Glackin
    Adriana Glackinover 6 years ago

    Hey, count me in : )