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I use a Nikon D5100, D60 & Olympus SP500-UZ.

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It’s just a teeny tiny sale, however, it makes me feel all puffed up and stuff that someone felt they were connected to this photo and made a purchase. Thank you to my anonymous buyer, you made my day! / Prairie Icon – Stettler, Alberta
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My RB images reached a total of 100 000 views today , not so bad. Thanks for all the love :)
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What’s up? / After last weeks excitement at selling a framed print of the Bellagio Fountains / I just found out that I sold a canvas print of the same image! / / Thank you to the anonymous buyers, I’m not sure why this particular image has enjoyed the limelight this week but I sure am happy about it!!
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I sold this!

How wonderful to learn that someone out there wanted my photograph hanging on their wall! I hope the anonymous buyer enjoys this framed print. / BELLAGIO FOUNTAINS ~ LAS VEGAS
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