Retired amateur photographer who has travelled widely in the past and cannot now do so.
My love was Kodachrome slide film as it gave the greatest range and consistency of exposure of any product I used. My images have code of YYYYMMDD#### where the ### is either image number for the day or the digital camera image number. Anything before 2007 is usually Kodachrome.
The K20D is the first digital camera which I saw which could come within range of the tonal range and sharpness of Kodachrome film. The K7 is even better and in many instances exceeds the quality I have got from Kodachrome.
Have used Leica, Contax, Exacta, Kodak, Nikon cameras, but since 1984 used First Pentax LX, Z1P,1stDS, K20D, K7D, K5, and from June 2014 a K3. From July 2015 a KS-2.
I have a whole series of Pentax and Sigma lenses dating from 1984 to 2014.
As from July 2015 I have been moved to an aged care facility, and can only make short excursions outside when accompanied so I am mainly limited to the flowers that grow around Liscombe House where I reside.

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1957 Entrance to chapel Eton College

Thanks to the person who bought this as a throw pillow. I hope it is as a result of happy days. / I was only a visitor but enjoyed the visit.
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Another Sale

I have just sold / Evening Traffic Johnston Street Collingwood 1962 / Thanks to the purchaser
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Tote Bag Sale

I have made a tote bag sale of / Birds on fountain mosaic mid C5 Tomb of Gallia Placida Ravenna Italy / 198404140066 / I hope the purchaser is pleased.
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More card sales

Evening Traffic Johnston Street Collingwood 1962 / 197610 Russel St Melbourne from Latrobe Street / Cigarette ad Carlton 1960 04000000 / Mernda Mechanics Institute 1956 12300002 / Freight tram From Preston at Northcote 196110200006 / Thanks to the buyer
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