New Group up and running!

Check out the group Lifting the Veil Paranormal Studies if you’re interested in ghosts and ghoulies. A warning though, this group will scrutinize your work if you submit pictures of orbs or ecto, etc. We want to strive for the top quality pictures here, if you’re curious about what other possibilities might be in your picture, definitely hit up this group. We’ll be glad to let you know if we think it has other options rather than being a ghost.

This group is also for paranormal artwork, we’ll be glad to stop by your page and drop a few comments or constructive criticism. Please don’t take any statements personally, we really do just want to help you achieve the best you’re capable of. If at any time you’re uncomfortable with the comments you’re getting, feel free to let a host know or state in the artwork’s description that you’re looking for a certain kind of criticism on a specific part of the piece.

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