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Is your boss giving you a hard time at work? Is your wife/husband cramping your style? Is your neighbours grass soft & well-maintained, while yours is full of weeds and dog shit? If you answered yes to any of those questions then 9/10 doctors recommend you take 10 cc’s of Pesci, STAT! While the remaining 1/10 doctors is being dismembered by Joe Pesci right now.

But since liquid Joe Pesci is now listed as an illegal steroid in most countries, the only way you can get a Pesci fix now is to click the ADD TO CART button right now and buy this shirt. Now.

Joe Pesci is a man of many talents, most notably being the fucking man and killing people for no reason at all. In fact, they based a movie on Joe Pesci’s real-life antics called ‘Goodfellas’ which went on to win a bunch of awards and make IMDb’s Greatest Movies Of All Time list.

So if you’re you looking for a shirt that does the talking for you. Then move your mouse cursor over to the right and click that ADD TO CART button now. Your torso will thank you for it.

Not convinced you should buy this shirt yet? Then check out some of these quick Pesci facts:

  • FACT: Nobody fucks with Joe Pesci. Nobody.
  • FACT: Joe Pesci wasn’t born, he shot his way out of his mothers womb.
  • FACT: The Frankie Valli song “Walk Like a Man” was written about Joe Pesci and is based on a true story.
  • FACT: When JFK told NASA they had 8 years to put a man on the moon they told him to “get the fuck outta here”. JFK returned a few days later with Joe Pesci, who told NASA “no, you get the fuck outta here, to the moon”. And they did.
  • FACT: When asked in in a recent interview what he would change about The Godfather, Francis Ford Coppola told the reporter “More Pesci”. However, some claim that he was actually asking for a refill of his Pepsi.
  • FACT: The band ‘Depeche Mode’ were originally called ‘Joe Pesci Mode’, until the lead singer Dave Gahan woke one morning to find a severed horse head in his bed.

Need further convincing, just watch this clip based on a real life altercation Joe Pesci had in his stand up comic days:


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