I refuse to simply begin to imagine art without guts, passion, pain, tears, joy, sweat, work, involvement, truth, sincerity, honnesty.I also claim and praise my cultural inheritance and the influence it has on me. We ( painters) cannot reject and deny what other painters and artists have done before us and we are the result of what they have done before us. Cultural inheritance is what makes us part of a whole, of humanity.It is also about accepting to work and sweat to achieve a certain technical skill that is essential to have access to freedom of expression. Skill and knowledge is the key to expressing yourself freely.We all disappear / die/ turn back into ashes / turn into dust / become angels / rejoin the big cosmic / are reborn under a diferent shape … you name it. But our emotions and fellings are immortal. They survive. The only thing is that they are not experienced and felt by us anylonger but by other people instead.This is why emotions tranmitted through art are not only immortal but universal.I went to this personnal turmoil…life… I couldn’t paint for a few weeks… I was stuck somewhere…I surfed around this morning… watched other painters ’ works. Felt alive again…This is also what art is all about isn’t it?I live and work near Paris.I use acrylic paint which I thicken with culin or thin down to the extreme. I also work with chalk, oil pastels, gold paint, coloured wax, palette knife or forks. I juxtapose, mingle, glue.I work impulsively: the colours, the shapes,the atmospheres that burst out of me are often uncontrollable yet influenced by painters such as Klimt, Kupka, the impressionnists, Schiele, Corneliu Baba…I also find working very physical. I love the feel of the different textures, paints or tools I use, they become part of myself, nearly like another hand, another finger.

when I start a painting, I seldom know exactly where it’s going to lead me. What I do is try to materialise an emotion, a feeling, a moment, and most of the time, what I’m in the middle of doing engenders other impulses.

I know that if I didn’t paint, I’d have no way of finding out what I really feel. I need to paint to be true that’s all.

I am a REMODERNIST painter …

Let me quote here what my friend Matt Bray the REMODERNIST says on his page : "Remodernism heralds a new epoch and is the antidote to the spiritual bankruptcy of Post Modernism. Remodernism stands for content, meaning and communication. "

On the REMODERNISM page on Myspace you can read :

“If I were to boil Remodernism to a very simplistic bottom line (as is my tendency), it is this: The so-called “post-modern” era is a fallacy, created by the bored and blase who are always looking for “the next big thing”, no matter how absurd. "Jeffrey Scott Holland .

P.S : You can also find me on My Space : Fab Kelly

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